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Master Course Library

This “buffet” of courses covers training that ranges from teamwork building, emergency preparedness and electrical safety to communication development, customer service and accidents in the workplace. This cost-effective offer is the most money-friendly and educationally sound decision you can make.

Customer Service Essentials


Today’s customer population is more educated and more demanding in what they want. Put your team on the winning side by ensuring that they are trained well and effectively in reliable and friendly customer service. This course pack will provide the educational experience your company wants and will cover all the information you need: Proactive service, friendly customer care and difficult situations.


Quick Safety Pack

This 12 course Quick Safety Pack ensures that your organization stays compliant with federal and state regulations when it comes to providing a safe working environment. Get these courses in an easily-deployed format and get your team trained up.

HR Compliance Essentials

There are many ways for HR to falter when it comes to inclusion and compliance regulations. Keep your HR department up-to-date and progressive through well-planned and delivered education. This course pack will put your organization ahead of the game and will assure an effective training experience.

Manufacturing & Safety Essentials

The manufacturing environment is a complex world that needs complex and intelligent courses to match. This package covers varying aspects of the challenging manufacturing workplace so that your employees will be equipped to catch problems and stop them before they start. Guide your team through a plethora of possibilities. With courses covering topics from physical safety in the warehouse to what to do after an incident occurs. Your learners will also be able to deal with cleanup and health safety in the event of an accident. 


Class Materials For Current Online Classes

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