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What's An Online Class?

About Online Classes

If you have not taken an online training class, I will tell you from my viewpoint that you have a good learning experience coming from the world of blended learning. I particularly like online classes, because I had given up on trying to lug my heavy machine to classes - it now involves taking my husband too to carry it and my supplies. I also like being where I have my own supplies all together and where I can do an hour at a time if I wish when I wish. The only thing missing is the personal communication and with the use of the forum that facilitates interpersonal communication as well as giving a place to post the results of your class assignments.

This is the mechanics of how the classes work here at Quilter's Threads.

Usually when you sign up for a class you get a supply list in response. Sometimes it gets emailed to you later if it was not available when you sign up.

A couple of days before the class starts, you will receive two sets of usernames and passwords in email.

The first lesson is available by 5 PM PST on the day the classes are scheduled to start. Subsequent lessons are available each week at the same time. All lessons remain available until 3 weeks after the class closes. Our classes are 4 weeks long - 4 lessons.

You get your class material on a web site. It has instructions and pictures. You need the username and password to access this site. It is only for your class.

The second user name and password is for a forum and picture gallery that is also limited to your class. There you post questions and comments to the teacher and get to know other members of the class. If you need some troubleshooting or if you want to share what you you have done, there is a gallery where you can post your pictures to share.

Here is a sample web site and forum. The userid for both is sample and the password is thesample








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